Wee College Hildegard Campus
Wee College Campus Overview

To those who know Wee College – it’s a beehive of wonder, laughter and inclusion.
It’s about nurturing an environment that thrives on empowerment, exploration and family – while ensuring that the passion for learning lives and breathes beyond our classroom walls.

For a child it means finding their voice and claiming ownership of their learning in an independent and relevant way. For teachers it speaks to their desire and dedication for connecting curriculum outcomes in a way that is fun and engaging for the learner. It means they see themselves as partners in a shared effort to accelerate growth and curiosity.

As a parent it’s about becoming invested in the journey and experiencing the wonder of your child’s achievements. As the most significant emotional investment of all, the Wee College learning partnership is a catalyst for sharing new experiences with the people you love most.
For franchise owners it means three things – you must be a leader, you share a passion for helping children learn and you inspire those around you to exceed expectations.

Welcome to Wee College, where imaginations smile.

We'd love it if you'd visit our wee campus

As a parent, one of the most important choices you make is choosing the best care for your child when you can’t be there. Our goal is to provide the best environment for your child between home and school—balancing education and valuable social skills.

We welcome you to schedule a visit with your local Wee College to see for yourself how our Wee School®curriculum delivers the best experience for your child, and why Community Begins Here.

Wee College Campus Programs

At Wee College, our team of educators and administrators are focused on the overall development of every child who walks through our doors.

The programs we offer emphasize developing social skills, problem solving strategies and fostering independence through self-sufficiency – as a means for building a strong foundation as children progress from one level to the next.

Our music, phonics, art, physical activity and Kindergarten Readiness curricula are all designed with specific developmental needs of each age group carefully taken into consideration.

Integrated throughout all of our learning programs is a designed emphasis on: Establishing the fundamentals for Well-Being, Learning through Play & Playfulness, Laying the Foundation for Communications & Literacies, as well as Cultivating Diversity & Social Responsibility.

We welcome you to join us in our cleverly designed classrooms, where you will actually see imaginations smile.

Hildegard Programs


15-23 months

Our toddler program is an active, bright, friendly environment where children thrive in every area of development.

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2 Years

Our Senior Toddler program provides an environment where the 2yr old child can find comfort in the familiar.

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3 Years

Our preschool program encourages children to stretch their minds and explore their creativity. Themes and learning concepts are introduced to spark conversation, exploration and continued learning.

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4 Years

Successful integration into school becomes a priority and concern for parents when their child reaches the age of four.

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5 – 12 Years Old

Our After School program (The Wee College Connection) provides the school-age child with a program that’s energized, creative, and child focused.

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Wee College parents our most important learning partners

As a parent, you are a vital part of your child’s Wee College experience.

Much like your passion and commitment; we take our role as educators and caregivers seriously when it comes to providing quality care and programming designed to meet the developmental needs of your child.

Our formula for success requires a shared partnership with parents who are fully engaged and invested in their child’s learning. Wee College serves as an extension of the family unit – where family and individual values are heightened, regarded and respected.

As parents, your support allows children to demonstrate and apply the skills and knowledge needed to accelerate their potential for early learning success. Together, each milestone achieved is celebrated – whether it’s your child’s first step, a creative yet messy finger painting, or the excitement of your child reading for the first time.

When you enter a Wee College Campus you immediately feel the connection between home, school and community – and every heart that enters leaves a lasting impression.

If we didn’t engage ‘parents as partners’, opportunities to extend learning beyond the classroom would be lost. By working together we increase your child’s ability to share and apply their newly learned social skills, interests and abilities into every aspect of their daily lives.

We want parents to have an easy connection with what is taking place at the centre in terms of notices, their child’s activities, programs, events and learning.  This online forum is a tool for your child’s educators and administration to communicate with you, the parents!

Through Wee University parents can:

·       read notices regarding class activities and events

·        review Wee College policies

·        access a “sharing page” of activity ideas to try at home

·         view postings of pictures and conversations of the children playing, exploring and learning.

·         access parent resources and training opportunities 

Wee University is a “member only” section of our website for staff and parents of Wee College. You must register as a member in order to access this information.

Wee College Hildegard Campus


31 Hildegard Drive
Moncton, NB E1G 2G5
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 Monday-Friday 6:30 am – 6:00 pm


(506) 830-2400