Amplifying success & the fun factor for everyone involved
  • Michelle & Jeremy Walsh
    "Our girls don’t want to leave! Wee College is our children’s home away from home."
    Michelle & Jeremy Walsh
  • Jasen & Laurie Fisher
    "Wee College learning activities get our children involved in the community."
    Jasen & Laurie Fisher
  • Jenny West-Thompson & Kelly Thompson
    “Wee College is the best place for our kids to be when they can’t be with us.”
    Jenny West-Thompson & Kelly Thompson
  • Connie Thibodeau
    Just seeing the children laughing and playing always makes me smile.
    Connie Thibodeau
  • Jennifer MacDougall
    "My daughters get so excited to show us their projects and introduce us to their friends."
    Jennifer MacDougall
  • Karen & Kirk Thompson
    "The way you include parents helps us feel connected with our children during our workdays."
    Karen & Kirk Thompson
  • Don Moore
    "Every morning when I drop the kids off, they run as fast as they can to get to their classrooms."
    Don Moore
  • Michelle & Claude Anglehart
    "Thanks to the staff for their outstanding passion and dedication to our children."
    Michelle & Claude Anglehart
  • Jenny West-Thompson & Kelly Thompson
    "Wee College is the best place for our kids to be when they can’t be with us."
    Jenny West-Thompson & Kelly Thompson
Children Experience. Parents empower. Teachers inspire.

To those who know Wee College – it’s a beehive of wonder, laughter and inclusion.

It’s about nurturing an environment that thrives on empowerment, exploration and family – while ensuring that the passion for learning lives and breathes beyond our classroom walls.

For a child it means finding their voice and claiming ownership of their learning in an independent and relevant way. For teachers it speaks to their desire and dedication for connecting curriculum outcomes in a way that is fun and engaging for the learner. It means they see themselves as partners in a shared effort to accelerate growth and curiosity.

As a parent it’s about becoming invested in the journey and experiencing the wonder of your child’s achievements. As the most significant emotional investment of all, the Wee College learning partnership is a catalyst for sharing new experiences with the people you love most.

For franchise owners it means three things – you must be a leader, you share a passion for helping children learn and you inspire those around you to exceed expectations.

Welcome to Wee College, where imaginations smile.

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